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Welcome to Summit Church!


Welcome to Summit Church!  Wherever you might be spiritually, if you're in or around the Berwick ME/Somersworth NH area we're a church that's here to help you take your next step and move forward!  We have messages that connect with your life and a come as you are philosophy, so come out and be a part of the action!  Sunday mornings, 10:30, at 1 Sullivan Square in Berwick, ME (the big building in front of City Hall, just across the river from downtown Somersworth).  See you at the Summit!

Current Message Series:

Isn't it true that there are SO many elements of our lives where we're unhappy with our results? And isn't it possible that, maybe intentionally or maybe without realizing it, that our poor results are due to our approaching things in a manner that's exactly backwards from how it's designed and intended to work? Let's flip things around and work with how things are supposed to go!

Starting Sunday, January 11, 10:30 am!

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